Review: Since You’ve Been Gone

Since You've Been GoneSince You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Emily is about to take some risks and have the most unexpected summer ever in this new novel from the bestselling author of Second Chance Summer and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour.

Before Sloane, Emily didn’t go to parties, she barely talked to guys, and she didn’t do anything crazy. Enter Sloane, social tornado and the best kind of best friend—someone who yanks you out of your shell.

But right before what should have been an epic summer, Sloane just…disappears. No note. No calls. No texts. No Sloane. There’s just a random to-do list with thirteen bizarre tasks that Emily would never try. But what if they can lead her to Sloane?

Apple picking at night? Okay, easy enough.

Dance until dawn? Sure. Why not?

Kiss a stranger? Wait…what?

Getting through Sloane’s list will mean a lot of firsts, and with a whole summer ahead of her—and with the unexpected help of the handsome Frank Porter—who knows what she’ll find.

Go Skinny Dipping? Um…

Beware spoilers ahead!


I had my doubts about this book. I didn’t really like the sound of the synopsis it sounded really silly especially all that stuff about the list. But some of my friends read this and were able to enjoy this so I added it. Last night I read the sample from iBooks because I was still a bit doubtful. And the end result was I didn’t like it at all.

The sample starts off with Emily as she explains that she is worried about Sloane. Emily has just returned from a vacation and was desperate to talk to Sloane. She texted her and waited with her car keys in hand for Sloane to reply. She didn’t get a reply. After a week she started to panic. Sloane is the type of person who gets back after receiving a bunch of text messages. At this point she has called her, and texted her. She decides that the only thing to do now is to go to Sloane’s house.

When she reaches the house the windows are dark, there are leaves everywhere, and Sloane’s parents cars are nowhere to be seen. Still desperate she goes to front door and knocks. No one answers. After realizing that Sloane’s family is not home she gives herself a minute and sits on the front steps. She leaves once some workers come to clean up the driveway. At another desperate attempt she goes to one of the places they used to hang out.

After yet again not finding Sloane, Emily decides that she should tell her parents thinking that they may be able to help. When she reaches home she finds out that her parents are working on a play. Her parents usually go into some crazy work mode when they find a new idea for a play. She realizes that even if she told her parents they would say something reassuring then forget all about it while they work on their play. Her mother then reveals to her that she got a letter.

Readers are then taken to a flashback which takes place a year ago. Sloane and Emily are doing some shopping at a flee market. Apparently despite Emily being very shy, she happens to be good at bargaining. The two leave happy that they yet again got away with bargaining. Emily is going on a vacation to Germany and got a letter from Sloane with a list of all the things she should do when she gets there. After this it became some joke between the two of them. The one thing that Sloane never understood was why Emily didn’t complete all the tasks.

We are taken to the present again in which Emily has received the letter from Sloane. There’s no return address and on top of the stamp Sloane drew a Palm Tree. She opens the letter to find a list of 13 things. Some of which include skinny dipping, kiss a stranger, Penelope, steal something, dance until dawn, etc. Emily assumes that if she completes the list Sloane will return. She sets off to do so. And that is where the sample ends.

Despite what the synopsis says Sloane did not get Emily out of her shell. Sloane was just there to make things easier. If she was around Sloane she didn’t have to talk to strangers, and Sloane would ask the questions that Emily wanted to ask. Sloane’s disappearance forces her to do the things she wouldn’t normally do regardless of the list.

Now for the reason I didn’t continue this book. I thought that there was a better way to get Emily to do things she wasn’t comfortable with. The two could’ve devised some other plan, but no Sloane forces her to complete this list, and Emily does so in order to see Sloane again. Sloane should’ve instead encourage Emily. ‘Penelope’ is apparently code for get a fake id and got to a club. And seriously steal something? Skinny dipping? There had to have been a better way. I’m surprised that Emily even considered Sloane a friend. This is not how friends should treat each other.

Overall this was not a well executed book. i cannot recommend this to anybody.

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