Review: Slippery Things

Slippery Things by Lane Baker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jaded high school Junior and detention hall regular Larissa Locke has a recurring dream in which creatures sneak into her bedroom at night to perform experiments and extract her blood. Tiny scars on her arm suggest that perhaps she isn’t just dreaming. But wait! If she’s really the victim of blood-sucking alien intruders, then why is her bedroom window still locked each morning?

Beware spoilers ahead!

I received this E-ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Back in late September I got an email from the author on whether or not I would be willing to read his book. I was pretty excited as this was the first email I have received from an author. I did some research and found very appealing reviews on Amazon. So I said yes. I am happy to tell you that I enjoyed it.

The book is narrated in third person and in Larissa’s point of view. The book begins with Larissa in the assistant principals office. She dumped manure in Christy’s locker. After constant probing from Mr. Miller Larissa explains that Christy had slept with her boyfriend. Mr. Miller suspends her for a week and makes an appointment with the social worker for her at the school.

Larissa’s father is not at all pleased by her recent track record. To make sure she doesn’t just sleep in for the rest of the week he wakes her up in the morning and has her do some chores.

That night Larissa has a nightmare that feels far to familiar. She is in her room and four men are there. She is strapped to her bed with a syringe in her arm. One of the men explains her that she is helping them and that if she doesn’t fuss it will be painless. After a few weeks of this happening she realizes that these men are aliens posing as famous golf players. And they need her blood for survival.

Here’s some backstory on Larissa’s character. Prior to the beginning of the book Larissa’s mother was put in a hospital for trying to burn their house down. Her mother and her father would always get into fights and then she started acting out of character. To the point where she nearly burnt her family’s house down. That is why Mr. Miller assumes that Larissa may have a mental illness.

Larissa is a very relatable character. I understood the situation she was in and felt bad for her. It was awful that she for the most part was alone with the alien situation. I liked how she grew in this book. She does do some reflecting on her life and the choices she made. Another I liked was how she didn’t run back to her ex-boyfriend when he started trying to apologize to her. I’ve seen that sometimes that happens in YA and it is silly. There actually isn’t any romance in this, so that was refreshing.

Considering the size of the book (it is really small) I was surprised that there were good relationships between the characters. I liked Larissa’s brother and father. I enjoyed reading about her relationship with them. Melissa whose Larissa’s best friend was nice as well. Although I did prefer Larissa’s neighbor Brittany over her.

One thing in which I was happy that was brought up in this book is something I like to call the ‘Perfect person’ syndrome. Melissa was extremely jealous of Brittany because she was pretty and had her life together. Thus making her ‘Perfect’. I hate how people assume that some people are perfect when in fact no one is. I was glad that was brought up in this book.

I liked how the author wrote believable teenagers. The voices were all well done and I especially loved the beginning of the book. Even with Christy that was believable and there are people like her and all the other teenagers in high school.

The twists were not predictable. Some of them actually surprised me. I liked how different the aliens were in this book. I should warn you though that there isn’t a lot of world building for the alien world in this book.

I only had two problems with this book. I really didn’t like how it was all up to Larissa to stop the aliens. I understood why she didn’t tell anyone because she thought that they would think she’s like her mother. But it was a lot of stress on her and very annoying. There is a fairly good alien and it really surprised me the little help he provided. He basically bumped all the weight on her. At times I was bored this could actually be in part that I was really tired while reading this. Nonetheless I still liked this.

Overall this was a unique Sci-Fi book! It would make an awesome movie. If anyone is looking for a fast, and unique, Sci-Fi story then I would highly recommend this.

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