Review: The Case Study of Vanitas, Chapter 3


The Case Study of Vanitas, Chapter 3 by: Jun Mochizuki

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Jun Mochizuki, acclaimed creator of PandoraHearts, continues her epic adventure tale, The Case Study of Vanitas!

Following the incident on the ship, Noe manages to arrive in Paris–but in jail?! To make matters worse, the eccentric Vanitas is still at his side, and it doesn’t seem like getting rid of him will be easy. What is Vanitas up to, exactly?!

Read the second installment of Jun Mochizuki’s latest epic adventure tale, The Case Study of Vanitas!

Beware spoilers ahead!

After that cliffhanger like ending in the second chapter I was eager this chapter! I really love how each chapter adds a layer to the overall plot and I get to theorize some more!

This chapter picks up right where the second chapter left off. Noe and Vanitas have left the building after meeting that Lord. Vanitas decides to ask where they are going. Noe replies that he has no idea that he’s just walking. The two run into Vanitas’s helper Dante. Dante and Vanitas get in a fight about how Dante never went to save Amelia. Dante retorts that he wasn’t paid to save her. The two fight a bit more and Noe is dragged into the fight. Vanitas and Noe set off to find the Vampire responsible for all this chaos.

Once they leave someone comes to tell Dante Lord Ruthven’s Bourreau is coming after Vanitas. Most likely looking for the book of Vanitas. Dante pales when he hears this and realizes that he can’t do anything to help Vanitas.

I found this chapter to be even more interesting! You do find out who that little boy and the woman are in this chapter. They will definitely have a significant role throughout the series. Readers are shown just how other Vampires view the book of Vanitas. Of course the plot develops more. There was more action in this chapter. And I am definitely looking forward to the fight scene in the next chapter.

Overall this was a really good chapter! I recommend this series for anyone who is looking for a unique fantasy series.


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