Review: The Case of Vanitas, Chapter 4


The Case Study of Vanitas, Chapter 4 by: Jun Mochizuki

My Rating; 3 of 5 Stars

Jun Mochizuki, acclaimed creator of PandoraHearts, continues her epic adventure tale, The Case Study of Vanitas!

Noe and Vanitas’s mission to prove Count Orlok wrong has been rudely interrupted by a surprise showdown with a formidable foe! He may claim to have some tricks up his sleeve, but will Vanitas’s bluster turn out to be all for show against a legendary warrior maiden?!

Read the fourth installment of Jun Mochizuki’s latest epic adventure tale, The Case Study of Vanitas, the same day as Japan!

Beware spoilers ahead!

At the end of chapter 3 Vanitas reveals that he knows a way to defeat the Hellfire witch. I was looking forward to reading this chapter! I enjoyed the action scenes and the revealations in chapter 3. I was so excited for the showdown to begin! I am happy to report that I did enjoy this chapter as well.

The chapter begins where the last one left off. Vanitas has supposedly come up with a plan to defeat the Hellfire witch. While he goes to execute that plan he sends Noe off somewhere else.

While Vanitas fights the Hellfire witch, he talks to her. He manages to break down some of her defenses in a very cruel way. He continues to break down her defenses until she stops fighting. Overwhelmed by strong emotions Vanitas admits that he has feelings for the Hellfire witch.

Meanwhile Dante has just been informed that Luca and the Hellfire witch are looking for the book of Vanitas. Dante realizing that Vanitas is in trouble runs to his aid. He and the two other people watch the fight from the sidelines.

Throughout the interaction with Vanitas and the Hellfire witch you do get a bit more backstory and you really get to understand the relationship with Luca and the Hellfire witch. It was pretty interesting. And Noe’s part comes in pretty quickly.

This chapter was surprisingly short. While the action scenes were interesting, I didn’t really enjoy this chapter as much as the last one. It especially got weird when Vanitas tried proposing to the Hellfire witch. It seems that Vanitas doesn’t understand emotions. The ending was pretty creepy so here’s to hoping the next chapter is better.

Overall this was a good chapter! I recommend this series to anyone whose looking for a new sort of fantasy.


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