Review: My Senior Year of Awesome


My Senior Year of Awesome by: Jennifer Digiovanni

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

It’s the final semester of senior year, and everyone at Harmony High can’t wait to find out the results of the Senior Superlative votes! But the balloon bursts in Sadie’s face when she discovers she’s been voted “Most Likely to Get Married” to Andy – a boy she’s never dated or ever thought of as a potential boyfriend. Completely and utter mortification sets in.

To prove high school means something more than a Senior Superlative award, Sadie and her best friend Jana decide to create their own list of awesome non-academic achievements to be completed before graduation.

Yet, the harder Sadie works to show everyone she’s not the least bit attracted to Andy, the more appealing he becomes. Typical for the girl who can’t seem to achieve anything important, even the completion of one lousy college application.

When senioritis kicks in and the school year dwindles down to mere weeks, Sadie decides to risk her good girl reputation to prove that an Awesome Achievement means much more than any Senior Superlative vote. By the time Sadie realizes her epic screw-up, she just might have lost her chance at the prom date of her dreams.

Beware spoilers ahead!

I can’t exactly remember how I heard about this book. I’m pretty sure that I saw it pop up on GR. Once I read the synopsis I was sold! This sounded similar to Smart Girls Get What They Want so of course I wanted to read. When I started reading it I found out very quickly that this wasn’t like Smart Girls Get What They Want but enjoyable nonetheless.

The book begins with Sadie walking down the hall to class. On the way she runs into Andy and is stuck talking to him. Sadie isn’t the biggest fan of Andy. While she knows that he’s nice she also finds him annoying and he is a major math nerd. Once they go their separate ways Sadie makes her way over to the Senior Superlative board.

Sadie sees her best friend Jana and they make their way over. A lot of people stare at the two of them and Sadie assumes that this is because Jana must have won the fashion award. Jana replies that she didn’t win and instead Sadie won. Sadie makes her way over to the board. She is shocked and mortified to see that she won ‘Most Likely to Get Married’ to Andy. Sadie turns around and asks Andy if he had anything to get with the votes. He replies that he didn’t. Once her classmates start to laugh she angrily yells that she isn’t dating Andy nor does she like him.

For most the day Sadie is miserable and it doesn’t help that her classmates have been talking about her and Andy. Jana distracts her by making these lists. Sadie’s grandmother has this book called Fill It In which contains various lists. The latest one is an achievement list. Both the girls realize that they haven’t really achieved anything in the 3 years they’ve been in high school. Deciding to find ways to fill out the list the two of them come up with some risky and silly things to do.

I was not expecting to like this book that much! The writing style was good and the author portrayed high school realistically. I liked how before some chapters they were these lists that Sadie filled out. It was cool and fun to read!

I loved the friendship between Jana and Sadie! Their friendship was amazing and I wish there was more friendship in books! And I was so happy that the family relationships were well done! There wasn’t any issue in between all the families unlike most contemporaries. In fact Sadie is quite close to her mother.

Andy was so sweet! I liked how he wasn’t super hot and that he was nerdy. In most books the love interest is always described as good looking. In this book it focuses on the beauty inside. Which was a nice change. The romance was very slow burn. Sadie spent most of the book being awful to Andy so that she could prove that she doesn’t like him. But after spending some time with Andy she realizes that she does have feelings for him.

There was a bit of mystery in the book. Sadie is convinced that someone rigged the vote. At first she thinks it was Andy. But after awhile it becomes apparent it Andy had nothing to do with it. It is revealed who did it and it wasn’t for the purpose to humiliate to two of them.

Some of the things that Sadie and Jana did for their list was stupid. At some point in the book Sadie royally screws up her relationship with Andy. She does make up with him though. At first I was mad at her but then I realized that everyone makes dumb mistakes. I liked how Jana and Sadie tried new things for their list. For example joining the track team and auditioning for a play. I don’t think I would ever do that. I admired them for it. There was a lot of risk taking involved even if some the things they did were really dumb.

Overall this was a really good book! I recommend it to everyone because anyone can find something they liked in this book! I look forward to reading the sequel My Disastrous Summer Vacation!


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