Review: Winds of Salem


Winds of Salem by: Melissa de la Cruz

My Rating 2 of 5 Stars

From Melissa de la Cruz, New York Times bestselling author of Witches of East End and the Blue Bloods series, comes the third novel featuring the fascinating, spellbinding Beauchamp family. This final piece of the Witches trilogy wraps up the story of the magical Beauchamps, with plenty of the sorcery, romance, and plot twists that have brought readers back to Melissa’s series time and time again.

“Move over, zombies, vampires, and werewolves, and make way for witches. Melissa de la Cruz, author of the best-selling Blue Bloods series, ably sets the stage for a juicy new franchise with Witches of East End…De la Cruz balances the supernatural high-jinksery with unpredictable twists. ”
—Entertainment Weekly

Freya Beauchamp has been kidnapped and sucked into the past, forced to relive the horrors of Salem and return to the witch-burning hysteria that gripped the small Massachusetts town. Freya’s family is determined to save her, but the Passages of Time are closed to the Beauchamp family, leaving them stuck in the present, centuries from Freya. Joanna, Freddie, and Ingrid must find another way back to save Freya before it’s too late. Because this time, when Freya is hanged, she’s not coming back…ever.

The Beauchamps are sure that their nemesis, the trickster god Loki, is behind the brewing hatred in Salem and Freya’s kidnapping—but is the witch hunt just a way for the power-seeking Putnam family, whose daughter Ann was one of the first accusers, to settle scores and consolidate their hold on the lands and power in town?

Black magic, time travel, romance, mystery, history, and adventure are served up in a cauldron of bubbly magic in the latest installation of the New York Times bestselling series Witches of East End.

Beware spoilers ahead!

After finishing Serpent’s Kiss I was really excited to read this! I wanted to know how it ended and what really happened the day Bofrir was destroyed! Sadly I didn’t enjoy this book.

The book begins with a recap summarizing the events of Serpent’s Kiss. We are then taken to the first chapter. Freya arrived in Salem half dead. A maid Mercy took her in and since then she has been a maid for the Putnam’s. Freya has tried remembering where she came from and her family but she gets nothing. Freya enjoys working as a maid and is thankful to the Putnam family. She also practices her magic and uses it to help people. 

Back in present day Ingrid has not stopped trying to find a way to get Freya back. She has been looking into the Salem witch trials and reading everything that she can. While doing this she has been ignoring Matt and pretty much everyone around her. Much to her surprise her ex-boyfriend Troy (Thor) comes back into her life. He wants her back in his life and helps with finding Freya. Ingrid’s been getting quite insecure about her relationship with Matt. She’s immortal and he’s not. Ingrid doesn’t know how she’ll deal when Matt is dead.

Freddie has been adjusting to his marriage with Gert. It hasn’t been that easy because Gert’s in school and he’s stressed about Freya. The pixies now live with him and are working on finding his trident. The pixies haven’t been helping his marriage either. In their attempts to help them Freddie assumes they’ll get him a divorce.

Joanna and her husband Norman are on good terms again. Now with all of their powers draining it has taken quite an affect on her body. Joanna and Norman decide to look for Norman’s brother Arthur who can time travel. They don’t end up finding him so they visit The Oracle. The Oracle says that there is a solution for getting Freya back. But it comes with a deadly price.

The book takes place in present day during New Years and in Salem in Spring. It divided into parts, giving us what’s going on in present day and in Salem. You get to read about Norman’s point of view. And their power is dwindling. 

I’m going to talk about the things that I liked than move on to my dislikes. I was happy that Norman and Joanna were back on speaking terms. They were so sweet together! As usual the family relationship was well done in this book! I’m glad that Ingrid worked everything out with Matt. The pixies were sweet and very funny! And it was nice to read about Tyler again! The ending was so sad but beautiful in it’s own right.

Like the other books this was a slow book. But it was so slow that I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I thought it was because I was going through a reading slump but as I continued to read I really started to feel the pages. I ended up skimming most of it. The Salem parts of the book was written so odd that I skimmed every chapter. And it was pretty boring. I’m not even sure if that’s how people spoke in those days.

Freddie and Gert’s marriage was terrible. I understood that she was in University and one semester away from getting her degree but she didn’t even try to make the marriage work. In the end Freddie was the one always trying to be good husband and help around whenever Gert needed it. At some point Gert up and leaves him and wrote on a note that she needed to study. She didn’t even bother to tell him and talk it out with him. Freddie actually ends up cheating on her. I know Freddie was stressed as well but he really shouldn’t have resorted to cheating.

The worst part about this book was the mystery behind the bridge and the lame almost fight scenes. Apparently it wasn’t Loki who destroyed the bridge and stole it’s power but another god and for such a stupid reason. The almost fight scenes never happened and I would have much rather read about a fight scene then a lame conversation.

Overall this was utterly disappointing. I still do recommend the series. I really hope that Triple Moon will have a better ending.  


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