Review: Infinite Repeat


Infinite Repeat by: Paula Stokes

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Seventeen-year-old Micah Foster is looking forward to the return of his girlfriend, Amber, who’s been away in Los Angeles recording an EP with her band. But when Amber returns home on the anniversary of Micah’s dad’s death, something feels different and Micah pushes her away.

Over the next week, as Micah tries to repair his relationship with Amber, he relives the events of the past few years and recognizes a pattern. His friends and family are right–he self-destructs every April, right around the time his dad died, hurting people he cares about in the process. Will Amber be this year’s casualty? Or can Micah escape his past in time to fix his present?

Beware spoilers ahead!

I heard about this book through GR. After finishing The Art of Lainey I decided to read Infinite Repeat so that I could get to know Micah more. I am happy to say that I enjoyed this!

The book begins with Micah noticing that Amber has come back. Micah feels odd because today is when his dad was killed. He greets Amber but continues to feel off. They spend some time together but after Micah realizes that he still feels weird he sends Amber off.

Deciding to go for a drive he rummages through his room for his car keys. Trinity comes in brandishes his keys and asks where he wanted to go. He says that he doesn’t know but promises not to have a repeat of last year. When he got arrested and sent to juvie. Instead the two of them spend some time together.

After a few days Amber brings up that she and her band are going to be having a concert in Chicago. Amber asks Micah to come but Micah declines saying he can’t afford the fare and he has to work. Eventually Amber has found a way to pay for the fare and asks Micah again. After some thinking Micah agrees. And he ends up going to the concert.

Upon reaching there Micah finds out that Amber is now a very different person. She lets her people dictate what she does and what she wears. She even puts up with her creepy manager who treats her like a thing. Micah realizes that there may not be a way to save their relationship.

This was a short novella. I was surprised by how much I liked it! Usually I rate novella’s 3 stars but surprisingly this was a 4 star. This is written in first person all in Micah’s point of view. With a few flashbacks here-and-there.

I liked getting to know the coworkers at the coffee shop, Amber, and his family. You get to see what happened between Amber and Micah and some of his interactions with his coworkers. Lainey makes a few appearances as well. Kendall and Jason come in as cameo’s. You also get to read about what happened to the day Micah’s father was murdered. I felt quiet bad for him and I definitely enjoyed read about the flashbacks.

Overall this was a really good novella! I recommend it to fans of The Art of Lainey and Micah fans.  


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