Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2018

October 2

This month I read 15 books. GR links for the books that I didn’t review. There will be a note attached to the books that I did mini and full reviews for. GR and WordPress links included. Please note that links are only provided for the book title. Let me know in the comments what you read!

Book(s) that I DNFed (0-2 stars):

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  1. Carols and Chaos by: Cindy Anstey-Mini review
  2. The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy by: Mackenzie Lee-Mini review
  3. That’s Not What Happened by: Kody Keplinger -Mini review
  4. Not if I Save You First by: Ally Carter-Mini review
  5. The Storm Runner by: J. C. Cervantes-Mini review
  6. An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by: Hank Green-Mini review

Book(s) that I Didn’t Really Like (2-3 stars):


  1. Blackbird by: Sam Humprhies, Jen Bartel (Artist), and Fiona Staples (Artist)-Mini review

Book(s) that I Enjoyed (3-4 stars):

Image result for the case study of vanitas chapter 31 29201137 35070951 42140476

  1. The Case Study of Vanitas Chapter 31 by: Jun Mochizuki-Image via Google
  2. Wanted by: Betsy Schow-Mini review
  3. Rich People Problems by: Kevin Kwan-Mini review
  4. Edens Zero Chapter’s 14-18 by: Hiro Mashima    

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