Street Team: Why Own Voices Matter

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Hello everyone! As apart of #TheCandleAndTheFlame street team I am talking about why I think own voices stories matter. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Why Own Voices Matter

When I first heard about the Own voices I didn’t think much about it. I didn’t really understand what that meant and what the entailed regarding books. It wasn’t until there were some own voices books coming up on my feed that I started to take notice and pay attention.

I saw quite a few books being published under own voices. That people were loving and raving about! There were a couple that sounded fantastic based on the representation alone.

It wasn’t until I heard about Salaam Reads,  an imprint whose primary goal is to publish various Muslim stories, that I became truly invested. And begun actively looking for own voices stories.   

I really love the whole idea! I think it’s wonderful that authors are being given a space and a title to write their stories under. While also bringing forth amazing and much needed representation!

I think these stories matter and important for the future generation. I see so much hate and ignorance that could really be avoided by educating the youth. Adults now have much more material to work with in educating the youth about different cultures, races, circumstances, disabilities, mental illnesses, and so much more!

I truly believe that if we can do that we really could be saving a lot of people. Now of course I know this won’t work for everybody and we have such a long way to go, but it’s still a start. And that’s better than nothing.

It also helps for children to see themselves represented! I an adult was overjoyed to see a Muslim book imprint! With that in mind imagine how a child would feel to see themselves.

I do hope that we as people continue to get better with own voices! And not just with books, but all other forms of media as well.

Overall, I believe that having own voices stories can help pave the way to a better future.       


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