Bookish Goals for 2019

goals for 2019

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be sharing my book related goals for 2019. I am hoping to accomplish most of these goals. As some of these are one’s I tried to accomplish in 2018. I’m not going to force myself or stress about any of this. I will try my best and go with the flow. Let me know in the comments what are your goals for 2019!

My Goals:

  1. Interact with bloggers: Earlier in the year I start to talk to bloggers. Then I ended up getting busy and some health problems came up. After all of that I simply lost the motivation to interact online. I want to try and make this a habit. I really do enjoy talking to other bloggers!
  2. Use my other social media accounts: I’m not sure how many of you know but I do have a Twitter and Bloglovin’ account. I really don’t do much with them. I would actually like to make use of them. On twitter I want to take part in discussions. On Bloglovin’ I want see other bloggers’ posts and interact with them.
  3. Make a Bookstagram: I have an Instagram which I barely use. I really want to make it into a bookstagram! Also to be able to use it to put myself out there and of course make conversation.
  4. Make more content: I would like to create different types of posts. I usually just stick to book hauls, monthly wrap-ups, guest posts and reviews. I want to be able to create more than just that. 
  5. Sign up for blog tours: In the past I’ve done blog tours and enjoyed them! I would like to look for more blog tour opportunities rather than just stick to Sunday Street Team. 
  6. Request ARCs: Since I’ve started this blog I’ve never actually emailed a publisher requesting an ARC. I truly believe that I’m ready to do so. 
  7. Focus on what I’m interested in: I have this habit of reading everything. Regardless of whether or not I think I’ll like said book. You never really know until you try right? Expect most of the times I do. And it just ends in a DNF. I would like to just stick to what I’m interested in. Not just what everyone else is reading. And what’s hyped up.  
  8. Prioritize my reading: I spend so much time focusing on new releases, ARCs, and library holds. This has resulted in many unread books on my shelves for years. I want to actually get to those unread books. I have made a priority reading list to really narrow down what I want. Based on how long I’ve had it for and upcoming sequels.